DC Industries is a worldwide corporation that has invested in enterprise development and research at a global level. The unstoppable indicators of the global growth of DC Industries are proof of this. We aim at establishing ourselves as one of the world's leading suppliers of specialized high performance building materials. We have always believed that quality, economic success and environmental protection are not mutually exclusive. We are convinced that together, they are the key growth to industrial operations.


DAST ltd is a factory created by the combination of experience, technology, deep knowledge of the market, outstanding entrepreneurial skills and financial potential. Founded in January 2008, DAST has grown rapidly taking a leading position in Albania and a wide recognition in the Balkans. DAST products are marketed in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Lebanon, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Belgium and beyond these areas.


The DEUTSCHCOLOR company, after a partnership with Delta Corporation, has brought to Albania one of the largest investments in the sector of paints and construction materials in Southeast Europe. This ecological factory fulfills every need of the local and wider market, based on efficiency, quality and modern technology. With an advanced laboratory equipped with the most modern German equipment, with a scientific team that best enables the research and development process, which ultimately brings the best quality products to our customers. A wide range of products, starting from emulsion-based paints to industrial ones, as well as the whole range of building materials provide customers with a variety of choices.


Delta has been present in the market for almost 26 years, successfully writing the story which dates to the year 1996. From a modest shop for trading tiles and sanitary ware, today Delta showrooms are a point of reference for new interior design trends. Our dedication to doing the best, has increased the investments in the major cities in the country. Our showrooms are located in Tirana, Durrës, Fier, Elbasan, Korce and Shkodër.


In 2015, the polystyrene factory started the production, offering quality products and more importantly, ecological products. This has been made possible thanks to continuous control, by the most well-known laboratories of this sector, in Switzerland and Germany. As an innovative company, we are constantly looking for new and unique solutions to customer problems. We push the performance limits of our products towards meeting the needs of our customers.


The DC Investment company focuses on the construction and investment of various projects of the company. The work at DC Investment focuses on a relationship of trust and partnership with all associates taking care of everyone's interests and well-being. Professionalism, correctness and materialization of avant-garde projects are the key features of the company.