Management and Sustainable Development

A company shall not have longevity if its management is not ready to change anything, besides its purpose and core values, this with the intention of sustaining all customers and building values for shareholders. Since the beginnings of Delta Corporation, sustainable development has been in the industry as an integrated part of the company's values and strategy. From risk management to the creation of long-term values, Delta Corporation has made a model performance journey, parallel to the long-term activities and international expansion of the company.


Delta Corporation has created a developmental strategy with the focus of applying a totally modern production technology and offering innovative products. In its mission, the company aims at anticipating market demands with smart, sustainable solutions, through the assistance of an experienced team who constantly work to meet its demands. Development of new products, priority competitition and market expansion are part of Delta Corporation's vision. The company is engaged in conducting business ethically to maintain the trust of customers and other stakeholders, as well as providing suitable solutions for everyone.