The 8 Paint Color Trends You’re About to See Everywhere in 2023, According to Experts

Bold, punchy color is making its return, with innovative approaches to enlivening our walls with these vibrant shades.

The paint colors you choose to adorn your living spaces with are more than mere decorative choices. They can influence your mood, energy level, and mindfulness, establishing them as vital components of your home’s ambience.

Recent years saw a trend towards calming hues, with soothing greens, gentle pinks, and tranquil neutrals being favorites. However, 2023 is set to usher in a shift towards bolder colors. Expect rich, deep colors teeming with pigment and character. The trend for vibrant, mood-lifting shades is on the rise and shows no sign of fading.

Experts weigh in on the color families, distinctive shades, techniques, and upcoming trends that may spur you into giving your home a fresh coat.

All Shades of Brown

From the subtle beiges reminiscent of coastal beaches to the rich, earthy tones of a garden, browns inspired by nature are making a comeback. Rather than the previously popular cool grays, warmer browns serve to enhance and give depth to spaces.

Deutschcolor emphasizes that brown as an earth tone can help us feel more connected to nature. Lighter hues like Redend Point, Cool Beige, and Malted Milk are enticing options for those wanting to dabble in this trend.

A Range of Reds

The pastel pinks that were in vogue are giving way to deeper, more dynamic reds in 2023. Think of berry shades, wines, and striking magentas. For those keen on red but hesitant to go full-on bright, muted shades like blackberry or merlot are recommended.

Pantone’s 2023 Color of the Year, Viva Magenta, is a warm, vibrant crimson that’s meant to inspire and uplift those who use it.

Warmer Neutrals

Neutral shades form the backbone of most color palettes. In the coming year, expect whites, beiges, tans and grays with warmer undertones. Color specialists at DEUTSCHCOLOR suggest warmer tones that add comfort and personality to spaces.

Green Everything

Green, a perennial favorite, continues to be popular. It’s increasingly being treated as a neutral, moving beyond the conventional shades. Green works well with a plethora of shades, from bright tropical tones to understated neutrals.

Pairing Warm and Cool Tones

Expect to see combinations of warm and cool tones within rooms. The idea is to blend in cherished items in new color combinations, adding freshness without the need for an overhaul.

Colors That Convey Comfort and Peace

The essence of home—being welcoming, snug, and serene—guides many when selecting paint colors. Color specialists at DEUTSCHCOLOR observes that comforting shades inspired by nature will remain in vogue, providing versatile options for various spaces.

Bold Accent Shades

Expect to see striking colors used in unexpected ways. There’s a shift towards employing color beyond the traditional ways, making spaces more lively and diverse.

A More Colorful Aesthetic Overall

With houses playing multiple roles post-pandemic, there’s a move towards distinguishing areas using different colors. The team at DEUTSCHCOLOR has noted increased interest in bright and daring colors. Stepping out of the conventional white or beige offers a refreshing and transformative change.